Need an herbalist's perspective for your creative endeavor

I offer consulting services to brands and individuals developing health and wellness products working with herbs. I am able to offer insight into formulation, sourcing, and marketing language. I can provide you with valuable information to better meet the needs of your customers and clients safely, as well as prioritizing the care of our environment. Please contact me through email to set up a short meeting where we can discuss the scope of the project. 

Scheduling private events, workshops or classes? 

I facilitate workshops and classes on a variety of herbal healthcare topics that are interactive and engaging. These events can be seasonal, issue related (i.e. sleep, anxiety, medicine making) and often include a takeaway or DIY component. I am passionate about helping people reconnect to their own ancestral medicine and co-creating tools of self-empowerment, ritual and healing. Please connect with me via email and we can create the perfect activity for your event. 

groundsea fitness,  fall 2018

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