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Above the Clouds

Spiral UP With An Alcohol-Free Life!

꩜ Sober Spirals 

Hi, I’m Ana and I’m an herbalist and recovery coach who helps folks address their relationship with alcohol and connect to their herbal allies. I work with creative, compassionate, dreamers whose ambitions and lives are big. Are you: an artist, musician, activist, healthcare worker, teacher or food industry worker? Then you know firsthand how normalized, and even glorified, heavy drinking is in these circles. 

Growing up I was surrounded by artists and musicians who struggled to find the congruency between the myth that alcohol is a magical creativity and social elixir, and the reality that it was ruining their health and masking their truth. And I get it–I spent years working and drinking as server in NYC, trying to moderate so booze could stay in my life!


The problem is, trying to thrive in a culture of pervasive drinking you often feel trapped, lonely, or jealous. You want to feel inspired, but you end the night agitated and scrolling.


You don’t play it safe–you dream passionately, but perfectionism often stops you in your tracks.You want to use your talents and voice for good, but with your intuition blocked by alcohol use, it is hard to see your visions and a path toward collective liberation. You want to show up for your calling and begin or deepen your social justice work, but you haven’t learned to sit with discomfort without the fleeting salve of booze.


Maybe you’ve even taken a few months off from drinking and felt the benefits of an alcohol-free life, but you weren’t sure how to make it stick. Are you ready to spiral up and invest in your own evolution?


Together we can infuse your daily life with simple tools to help you steer your own boat, creating a life you're ecstatic to be present for. With Sober Spirals Holistic Sobriety Coaching, I will help you address your underlying physiology and patterns with an herbalist’s approach to healing. Using plants, ritual, practices, and habit formation knowledge I will support you daily in your sobriety journey.


When I finally recognized the dissonance between the myth and the reality, I removed alcohol from my life for good. This allowed me to learn new ways to regulate my nervous system and step into my full power. I’ve found more growth, more love, more creativity, and more joy on the other side of the decision not to drink–and so can you.













storm king, 2 years sober.jpg

Celebrating two years sober last fall <3



Are you a "gray area drinker"? 



Or are you–

...someone with a sustained sobriety looking to expand and deepen their recovery?

...sober-curious and ready to give a break a try but don't know where to start?

...seeking daily, personalized support that takes your whole being into consideration?


Do you want to learn about herbs, rituals, and nutrition that can help you practice sobriety? on! Holistic Sobriety Coaching might be for you~




  • The chance to have your story heard–you'll have four private sessions a month

  • Knowledge of healthy tools and coping strategies to replenish your biochemistry and spirit so that alcohol is a tool you'll rely on less and less

  • The support of numerous resource suggestions unique to your needs in the form of rituals, books, videos, recipes, supplements, nutrition, meditations, referrals and beyond

  • The acknowledgement that your body knows best, and that together we can listen to the innate wisdom that embodied living can uncover

  • Tangible weekly action steps rooted in daily self-care​

  • Daily check-ins with me for accountability

Have you taken many breaks from alcohol but keep coming back? It doesn't have to suck to be sober in a world that drinks–once you have the tools to support your nervous system and tap into pleasure, the world opens up again.

Learn what happens when we remove this toxic substance from our lives...

  1. A life free of hangovers

  2. The opportunity to build a life you want to be present for

  3. Improved health including reduced risk of numerous diseases and conditions such as heart disease & cancer

  4. Better quality sleep

  5. Sharper focus and memory

  6. Enhanced relationships and ability to connect

  7. The chance to heal underlying trauma and ailments that you've been masking with booze

30 days of ꩜ Sober Spirals ꩜ coaching with me includes:

  • Initial session of 45 mins where your story can be heard in a judgement free space, and we can collaborate to create achievable goals around your recovery

  • Daily email or text check-ins for accountability, resources, and focus

  • 3 more weekly coaching sessions of 30 mins to stay on track

A 30 day package is $525*

A 60 day package is $975* (a discount of $75)

To book, schedule a free 15 minute discovery call through the link below or email me at

*Schedule a call to discuss payment plans or reduced cost coaching.  I offer a 25% rate reduction available to self-identifying BIPOC/trans folks. 

A bit about my training

  • I am a Tempest trained coach, specializing in "The Tempest Method"

  • I am a clinically trained herbalist, having studied at ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism from 2014-2017 

  • I am a certified Gray Area Drinking Coach

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