Why make an appointment with an herbalist, like Ana Lygia?

Herbal medicine, our original medicine, is seeing a resurgence in popularity. This is due in large part to dissatisfaction with a medical system that treats symptoms and diseases, rather than the individual in front of them. In an herbal consultation you are given plenty of time one-on-one to connect with a skilled practitioner trained to assess your current pattern, looking deeper than the name of any specific disease can offer. I will hear your story, seeking to see you–as you are today, as you were as a child, as you have the possibility to be.

This "wholistic" approach to health puts the power in your hands. With the myriad products and diets bombarding us in the cybersphere, how often have you heard, "Oh, this is so good for you!" or, "No, don't eat that, it's bad for you!"? When the entire person is taken into account, there is no one herb or one food that is good or bad for everyone. This is where a skilled practitioner can be a great asset to help you navigate this plethora of information now at our fingertips and guide you to make the best choices for your own personal growth. 

Together we can uncover what changes can be made, to what end, and talk about what support will be needed to make this feasible for you. All the while bringing you closer to nature by getting to know the plants we coevolved with. The plants that have given back to us our whole lives, and whom we will call by name–honoring and evoking the innate wisdom they hold. The awareness gained by embarking on or continuing your healing journey with plants will be transformative, as you are lit-awake by familiar smells, tastes, and visions.


We don't heal in isolation from our environment or our society. I believe to heal ourselves and each other, we must also acknowledge and address structural injustices, inequality and generational trauma in our culture.

What to expect at your appointment:


Your initial consultation will last approximately 1.5 hours.

Follow-up consultations are shorter, around 45 minutes -1 hour.

We will discuss your health goals and go over a thorough history of your physical and emotional wellness. After sharing with me your preferences and limitations, I will devise recommendations for diet, lifestyle and an herbal protocol that I believe will best suit your constitution, current condition and health goals. Always, always in collaboration. This is YOUR care and you are the expert in that.

I work primarily with herbs in their most natural states– incorporated into a whole food diet, taken as teas/decoctions, or in well-sourced tinctures/handmade products. I am well versed on using legal cannabis ("hemp"/CBD) as medicine.

Note: Herbalists do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult with your doctor before taking herbs or supplements, and keep them aware of what you are taking. 

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