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SMOKE WORK    cleanse · ground · ritual

Sacred smoke helps us clear our space energetically–

cleanse to see what is really there.

burn to have room to rebuild.


Smoke in many forms has been an ally for for me as these themes swirled through my 2016/2017. After experimenting with my own mugwort and sweetgum bundles made from Prospect Park, I've become interested in exploring the history of smoke as ritual. This cleansing is much more than figurative. Scientific studies confirm ancient wisdom: smoke of antimicrobial plants can kill airborne bacteria and even some viruses. As this practice has come into vogue again, it is so important that we use the plants that grow abundantly. While white sage (a sacred plant to indigenous communities) is popular, its popularity has actually lead to it's endangerment. 

I gathered the herbs used in these smoke wants locally, through farmers markets, ethical wildcrafters and even my corner bodega. They included lavender, rose, rosemary, thuja, juniper, fir, pine, and artemisia, all tied with a bit of linen. I offered these to clients and at local markets during the 2017 holiday season. I recently learned the word "smudge" comes from colonial description of native practices, not a translation of any word traditionally tied with the practice. It is therefore disrespectful to the sacred practice of smoke clearing (which exists in almost every culture) and  inaccurate, so I've discontinued the use of the word.


made specifically for clients needs and desires while coping with grief and transition

HEARTFELT CORDIAL    nourish · calm · restore 

Heartfelt Cordial is made from a hawthorn brandy base seasoned with vanilla and cardamom, hawthorn tree bud medicine (both 'my handsmade'), and motherwort flower essence. Hawthorn is well known traditionally to be soothing to emotional wounds: trauma, broken hearts and grief. Tree bud medicine helps to move and regenerate- in this case stuck grief, aiding you to remember your own innate ability to love. Love as an interactive creative process, love as a way of life. Hawthorn invites you into that magic landscape where anything is possible. Again, again and again. The addition of motherwort flower essence adds a dose of calm to heart related anxiety sensations.

TAT-TEA  soothe · integrate · heal

TAT-TEA was custom made for @behsticks tattoo studio for

post-tattoo nourishment.

Sold exclusively at behsticks, this loose tea contains botanicals to help soothe a frazzled nervous system, reduce inflammation to facilitate healing, and help to integrate the tattoo experience.  




GINKGO ginkgo biloba                                                         LONDON PLANETREE Platanus x acerifolia                                                           


SWEETFERN                                                    CORNSILK                                                         

SWEETFERN                                                    CORNSILK                                                         

HAWTHORN                                                      SWEETGUM

BIRCH BUD TEA                                                PERIWINKLE  

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