"sleep like we imagine babies do"


Lilac Lull is an herbal infused oxymel intended to help you ease into rest and sleep. This listing is for a 1 oz dropper bottle full. It is alcohol-free.


This remedy evokes for me:

:::a time before anything:::

🔸a path through the senses to soothing

🔸something soft, sweet, pungent

🔸balanced connection and release

🔸Lilacs are a mythic part of my birth story and family lore, and I’m so grateful to Jennifer Pattererson of Corpus Ritual (https://corpusritual.com) for providing the essence for this blend. To learn that she made it in the place of my birth, Brattleboro, Vermont, was pure kismet. These are the lilacs I am talking about.


About Oxymels:

An oxymel is an alcohol-free herbal rememdy made from honey and vingar. The herbs, fresh or dry, are steeped for several weeks in the honey and vinegar mixture, then strained to create the herbal med